Summer Busyness

Two Things To Watch Out For During The Busyness Of Summer
Sometimes it seems like when summer hits, we shift into high gear. So much to do before the winter snow returns to our area. No matter how busy we get we need to set time for the Lord.

1. Watch out for busyness.

How busy  do you really want to make your summer “break? Yes, it’s good to stay busy, be productive, and make the most of the time, but don’t overload. Instead, be creative about ways to prioritize your walk with the Lord, as well as ways to spend time with family and friends enjoying God’s creation and each other together.

Do things you normally couldn’t do, but also be okay doing “nothing” together in ways you can’t with the “go, go, go” of a typical school year. Emphasize quality over quantity, and prioritize rest. The most important thing we can do for our families is show them that Jesus is still on the throne of our hearts, even when it gets to be short-sleeve weather.

2. Make more time for God.

Follow Martin Luther’s advice: “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”

The busier we are, the more we should be focused on the Lord, because our hearts are more likely to be distracted and we need to be able to listen for that still small voice.  Don’t give up your Bible reading and prayer.  Dive into it all the more. Don’t give up on going to church.  We need God’s word and we need each other every week and every month, all year.